Foundational / Certified Professional Category Analyst (CPCA) Program (Manufacturer and Retailer Edition)  

Description: This foundational comprehensive course grouping is designed to give a solid grounding in the category management process, basic assessment and the category tactics.  Upon the successful completion of this program, you will qualify for the Certified Professional Category Analyst designation with the CMA (  This program meets 10 of 10 learning requirements for the CPCA designation. 

Who should take this course?   Anyone looking for a basic understanding of Category Management - including the process and how it works - and/or is looking to achieve CMA designation at the CPCA level.

The "standard" program is suggested for suppliers, brokers, consultants and data providers, while the "retailer"program is suggested for retailers.

Prerequisites: None

Time Required: Approximately 35 - 40 hours to complete.

Cost (does not include accreditation with the CMA): 
  • $1,099 USD

12 Courses Included:

  1. Category Management Overview
  2. Retailer Strategy
  3. Category Definition & Segmentation
  4. Category Roles
  5. Category Strategies
  6. Understanding and Using Data
  7. Category Tactics and Analytics
  8. Completing a Category Assessment
  9. Category Management on Limited Data
  10. Develop and Implement a Category Plan
  11. Building PowerPoint and Presentation Skills
  12. Building Excel Skills
Cost Includes:   Downloadable Fill-in-the-Blank Notes, Downloadable Workshops, Individual Course Testing, email Support; 1 year  access.
Additional options include:
  • Case Study, which gives practical, hands-on applicational learning (add $200)

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