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Insight, Strategies, and Direction from category management experts. Working, consulting, and creating training for the past several decades brings seasoned perspective, but staying current is even more critical.

From a historical perspective, we have been immersed in category management from its beginning, but that alone isn’t enough. Through thought leadership articles, presentations, one-on-one consulting, our perspective has deepened and expanded, but we continue to explore what is next by talking with leaders, experts, and innovators.

Our CatMan Master’s Training is the result of this ongoing work with the intent to help our retail, manufacturing, and solution provider clients to meet or redefine their goals given their current competitive landscape.

Your leadership. Our support.

Take your vision and achieve your goals by seeing possibilities and new opportunities for success

Strategic perspective on where CatMan can take your organization.

The practice of category management within organizations depends more on the organization and less to do with achieving the highest levels of its practice. We can help you understand where and when to invest in training, and where you might be overinvesting in data, tools, or technology.

We have even developed an online assessment that helps you get started.

Our Retail & CPG Skills Assessment is now complimentary to all students and individuals. With 140 questions, it is a comprehensive evaluation across industry knowledge and skills areas in category management. It aligns with industry standards across multiple levels of experience.

What’s your biggest struggle?


Our Clients

Clients who choose to purchase training and/or consulting services often request to have their names remain confidential. However, some of our clients are so enthusiastic, they can’t help but tell others.

If you would like references, we are always happy to provide them upon request.