Category Management is one of the most successful business processes of our era

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Standing out requires industry insider knowledge, including:

Understand organizational types, strategies, and career paths

  • Retailers
  • Manufacturers
  • Solution Providers
  • Convenience and Small Stores


Gain knowledge, skills, and industry awareness

  • Foundational, Intermediate, and Advanced Category Management Training
  • Master’s Training
  • Industry News and Trends


Position Yourself for Short- and Long-Term Career Options

  • Certification
  • Skill Development
  • Strategic Expertise

Landing a new job, advancing your career — both relate to your level of Category Management expertise.

Stand out. Be Recognized.

Whether you are new to category management or not, staying relevant and knowledgeable in an always-changing industry takes more than hope. Chances are, you know that a little training will help fill in some knowledge gaps to perform better in your job.

Get Ahead …

Improve your on-the-job performance now, plan your next career move, or become a strategic leader of your team. Choosing category management training that fits your needs and budget starts here.

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Industry-leading category management learning and innovation is what we do best.

We are the category management experts who can help you define, clarify, and enact your career vision
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Individual Skill Assessment and Consultation

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Highly customizable, blended learning approach focused on your short- and long-term goals

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Flexible training courses and programs with option to pursue certification

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Unrivaled student support, increased performance, and measurable ROI

Are you part of a team of 5 or more? You may be eligible for group rates on training. 

Looking for helpful on-the-job information?

We have an abundance of free resources and share frequently on our LinkedIn forum.

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