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A wealth of category management resources, news, and tools to keep yourself current and stay at the front of your current or next role awaits. Our Online Training & Resource Center supports our students’ success in where they are now and where they want to go.

Premium CatMan Members get so much from us without breaking the budget. Membership helps you stay current and connected with all things new and trending in the CatMan industry.

Access to exclusive content on our Online Training & Resource Center including:

  • Comprehensive CatMan Glossary with 1,300+ terms, examples, and tools
  • Resource Library with industry whitepapers and additional resources (regularly updated)
  • E-Commerce Resource
  • Hand-picked Industry News
  • Accredited Training Full Course, “Category Management Overview,” including course resources to enhance learning and retention. 
  • 6 Skill-Building Live Webinars, approx. 60 minutes each
  • 25+ Skill-Building Webinar Recordings from past live webinars

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Sue-Nicholls-CMKGStay Up-to-Data on Essential Topics with Sue Nicholls, CPSA

Following are skill-building webinar and thought leadership topics and titles that both CMKG Students and Premium CatMan Members have access to in our online training and resource center. Have a suggestion for a skill-building webinar? Contact CMKG and let us know what you want to learn more about or what you are seeing in your role that needs addressed.

These topics are critical for retail and manufacturing organizations to keep pace with our industry. That’s why we provide both to our students as part of their training program or as Premium CatMan Learning Members.



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