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Learning topics for 2019:

  • UPCOMING: To Be Announced
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  • To be announced (May 31)
  • To be announced (September 13)
  • To be announced (October 25)
  • To be announced (December 13)
  • The Power of Shopper Insights: Why it’s important and what to do about it. (February 8)*
  • Rocking Your PowerPoint, Part 2 (April 5) 

Now available to all Premium CatMan Learning Members (2018 topics):

  • Improving Your Business Acumen in Category Management (February 8)*
  • Ways to Identify Growth Opportunities In Your Business (April 12)*
  • Rocking Your Presentations in PowerPoint (June 14)*
  • Category Management in eCommerce (September 14)*
  • Moving to more strategic, fact-based presentations (October 26)*
  • What happened in 2018 and where are we headed in 2019? (December 14)*

Previous Webinar Topics*

  • Identifying Business Opportunities Through Improved Shopper Focus*
  • New Shopper Perspectives - The Evolution*
  • Developing Your Soft Skills*
  • Applying Critical Thinking to Your Category Management Work*
  • CatMan 2.0 Introduction: What’s Changed?*
  • Storytelling: More Than Just Fact-Based Selling*
  • CatMan 2.0: Shopper Marketing and Shopper Insights in the Category Management Process*
  • Unlocking CatMan 2.0: What are the opportunities?*
  • Best-in-Class Category Reviews (series)*
  • Seasonality Analysis for Post-Season Holiday Evaluation*
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2019 Webinar Dates

Webinars begin at 10:00AM CST and run between 45 and 90 minutes. All webinars are recorded and housed within the Online Training & Resource Center. All premium members and corporate clients have access to both live and recorded webinars.

  • Friday, February 8
  • Friday, April 5
  • Friday, May 31
  • Friday, September 13
  • Friday, October 25
  • Friday, December 13
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