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Fill in knowledge gaps by purchasing individual courses "on demand", or when you really need to learn something quickly. Choose from category management, retail, sales and marketing programs, full course programs, or build your own program. Not sure where to start? Take our assessment, and our team will work with you to determine your best options.
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Stay "in the know" with "24/7 access to a resource-rich online center, full of added value materials for retailers & suppliers..
Enhance your category management training program with a hands-on case study (foundational, intermediate, advanced) for addedl learning. 
Work with a CMKG consultantto create a custom solution to meet the unique needs of your team or total organization within budget.


Why Thousands of Category Management, Sales and Marketing Professionals Trust CMKG:  

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Pay only for what you use in our value-driven structure for corporate clients

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Choose the training that's right for you or your team, whether it's an individual course, program, site license, webinars, live training or custom programs. Succeed with the help of our personalized and certified CMKG consulting and technical support team. Access "24/7" category management resources and "how to's" through our regularly updated, rich resource library, glossary and news.
Attain industry certification (or feel confident that our training meets or beats industry standards).
Category Management Certification

 Mentor Program

 Mentor Program:

Our new mentor program will help newcomers to category management learn the fundamentals, the industry and the work environment, and help them quickly integrate into their new roles.

CMKG's accredited courses are offered online, coupled with interactive workshops, testing and resources, to create a highly effective blended learning platform. 

 What are the benefits of a blended learning solution with an online component?

Category Management retention
Higher retention Saves time Accessible "Just in Time" Self-Paced
(up to 100% increase in what they remember) (60% savings in time for faster learning) (available anywhere, anytime, with "24/7" access) (based on need vs course availability) (students can go at their own pace)
Easy Tracking Sustainable Customizable Uniform content Cost savings
(daily student transcripts; weekly corporate reports) (fulfills onboarding and turnover needs) (based on organization's unique needs) (same content for all students for alignment) (savings can be 70% vs classroom training)

Choosing Your Category Management Training Partner:

Are you tasked with the responsibility of researching category management training companies and their offerings, or even making the training purchase for a team or organization?  It’s not a task to be taken lightly, nor a decision that should be made without some careful considerations.  Click here to access questions that you should ask of any training partner.

 What learning approach does CMKG apply to build category management knowledge, skills and expertise?

The key is to blend learning, and repeat over time, based on our Continuous Learning Path.
Adult learning theory suggests that 40% of time should be spend explaining & demonstrating; 60% applying & consolidating new concepts. This is the foundation to everything we do, in order to build and sustain a catman team in an ever-changing marketplace.

Identify knowledge gaps, apply skills learned, develop new skills, master knowledge

To determine the best training solution for either individuals or entire organizations, you must assess where there are gaps. Develop skills to gain expertise with the best training solution for you or your organization. Continue to build skills through hands-on situations with support and coaching from strategic advisors. Solidify knowledge, skills, and expertise through frequent interaction with catman professionals.
You may choose to use CMKG's training needs assessment online, or identify needs through the CMA. Access to courses; resources, glossary; forum; study guides; news posts and newsletters ensure learning at every level. Your learning is translated into skill with our case studies, workshops, and webinars. You receive online, email and phone support to provide continued growth and learning every step of the way.


How can you feel confident that the training company you partner with will add value to your organization?

Category Management InterviewsIt's important to understand how your training company will add value to your organization. Check out our "Voice of the Customer" program, where we asked our clients and students to participate in video interviews to share their thoughts on how CMKG adds value to their organization.