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Grow and develop a more varied sales skillset than ever before.

In today's more complex world, individuals in sales roles need to think and act differently, create more value for retail customers, and learn alternatives to traditional sales approaches and techniques. Additionally, the need for a comprehensive understanding of the omni-channel in the retail world has never been more critical. 


Our Sales Training Solutions help individuals and teams develop new skills in the sales competencies of strategy and retail understanding, data & analytics, presentations & storytelling, and staying relevant amid constant change. Participants will learn better strategies and solutions for their retail customers and more effective and engaging ways to present their business ideas and achieve their goals. 

Combine our eLearning via pre-work with Instructor-Led Virtual and/or Classroom training for a highly effective blended learning solution.

Sales Training Solutions from CMKG.ORG

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Comprehensive, online assessment to identify individual knowledge gaps in Sales competencies.

  • Pre- and post-assessments are available to measure training ROI;
  • Average ROI is 30 knowledge points (from 55% in pre- to 85% in post assessment);
  • Individual customer feedback on assessment results provided by Sue Nicholls of CMKG.
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eLearning Courses 

A collection of online courses across 4 sales competencies - Retail, Data & Analytics, Sales Stories, Staying Relevant.

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Live Virtual

Instructor-led virtual training conducted through Zoom, Teams, or other online meeting platform.

  • Use as standalone sessions (choose your topics!) or combine with on-demand prework and/or onsite training;
  • Cost-effective learning with no travel required;
  • Customize with your data and examples for a "roll-up-the-sleeves" working session;
  • Includes contests, breakout groups, case studies, gamification and FUN!
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Live On-Site 

Instructor-led, onsite training at your office or other locations where a face-to-face setting is preferred.

  • Use as standalone sessions or combine with on-demand pre-work and/or in-house training;
  • Customize with your data and examples for a "roll-up-the-sleeves" working session;
  • Typically 1- to 2-day sessions;
  • Include contests, breakout groups, case studies, gamification and FUN!

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Sales eLearning Training Program Overview

The eLearning Sales program or individual courses are available to individuals. We suggest supplementing the online sales training with some Instructor-Led Training team sessions to "roll up your sleeves" and work on custom case studies derived from your own data and examples.

Expand the topic areas below for more information.

Sales Assessment

Teams: Try out our complimentary assessment to understand the key competencies in the On-Demand Sales Training Program. Email us, complete the form below, or schedule a meeting to discuss the best route for assessing and training a team or organization.

Individuals: Start by completing our online, complimentary Sales Assessment. Once complete, you’ll get personalized training recommendations prior to purchasing on-demand sales training.

Customer Understanding

Successful sales people require a strong understanding about their customers - who they are, their core processes, how they measure their business, who their customers are. Learn to create solutions and opportunities that match well with what customers are trying to accomplish by delving into some of the most important components of customer understanding.

eLearning Courses:

Data & Analytics

Become proficient in basic data and analytics to help you to draw the most important insights from a total business, category, segment and brand level and turn these insights into action through the sales drivers (or tactics).

eLearning Courses:

Presentations & Storytelling

Develop persuasive presentation and storytelling skills. It's not good enough to have a great idea - you need to hone your presentation skills from PowerPoint proficiency to logic and flow to storytelling and data visualization to delivery of the presentation and collaboration.

eLearning Courses:

Staying Relevant

Keep updated and informed on the world around us as it relates to the changing retailer, changing shopper and changing industry. We provide relevant training topics to help you keep pace in today's ever-changing world that inform decisions and recommendations.

eLearning Courses:

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Don't see exactly what you're looking for your sales team?

We get it! Typically an "out-of-the-box" eLearning solution doesn't address specific competencies on which you're trying to focus or otherwise isn't quite what you want. We can work with you to develop a custom blended learning solution to meet the needs of your unique sales organization.

Contact us for more details - we're here to help create the best learning solution for your team!











eLearning Sales Training Key Learning Objectives

  • Describe what’s most important from a retail customer’s perspective based on category management foundations
  • Explain how retail decisions and sales recommendations affect the retail income statement
  • List key data sources and describe how to draw compelling category insights and turn them into action using the tactics
  • Identify the elements of a powerful (virtual) sales presentation – including the logic and flow, look and feel, and delivery
  • Explain ways that the Shopper is changing and how this impacts retail customers and collaboration with them
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Understand Key Competencies. Identify Gaps. 

CMKG’s 3-Step Assessment Process

Individuals can understand where knowledge gaps exist in Category Management, Space Management, and Sales with a simple 3-step process — it’s designed to help you meet your goals with targeted training.

1. Complete the Assessment

Our assessments contain between 75–140 questions each and have time limits for completion. Individual results are not shared with anyone outside of CMKG.

2. Review Results

Get an automated email from CMKG with your % and point score. An 80% overall score is suggested and a 70%+ score for each of the sections.


3. Get Personalized Plan

Once our team reviews your results, you’ll get a second personalized email that details where you should start to address the gaps indicated on assessment results.

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