Instructor-Led Classroom Training

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Charge ahead toward organization’s goals. Build your best team.

Our instructor-led classroom training offers engaging learning in-person to teams in your office, at national meetings, or wherever you want to learn.

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Instructor-led training is critical for relevant and impactful learning

Instructor-led classroom training sessions help  teams learn in a live environment where students, located anywhere you want us to meet, use a physical meeting space to learn and grow with the help of a CMKG facilitator.

We'll work with you to create a custom classroom training solution with the following benefits:

  • FOCUS ON PRACTICAL APPLICATION through workshops and discussions that can incorporate your data and examples.
  • BOOST ENGAGEMENT through auditory, visual and tactical learning methods with custom workshops and breakout groups.
  • FOSTER RELATIONSHIPS between the facilitator and students AND direct interaction between students.

Optional Classroom Supplemental Training Elements:

  • eLearning courses as pre-work in advance of a classroom session.
  • custom workshops and case studies using your own business data and examples.
  • on-the-job assignments to complete after the classroom training session.
  • one-on-one coaching for participants after the classroom session, focused on individual needs.

We suggest that "live" training sessions incorporate eLearning courses as pre-work and focus the classroom sessions on "rolling up our sleeves" and applying learnings to case studies and workshops for enhanced learning.

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Instructor-Led Classroom Training from CMKG is everything you’d expect and more …

📊 Boost training impact with custom, hands-on exercises and case studies

Engage learners in instructor-led sessions that:

  • Include processes and workshops from YOUR business,
  • Increase discussion and absorption of knowledge,
  • Create relevancy and understanding,
  • Promote practice and real-life application, and
  • Hone on-the-job impact.
🎯 Quickly build specific knowledge and focus

Instructor-led sessions focus on topics relevant for your short- and long-term business needs with a custom focus on your unique business.

Virtual sessions can be done in a quick 2-hour session or over the course of weeks or months as a series. For shorter sessions, we can run them in a few short weeks!

In-person sessions can be 1/2 day to several days in length.

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🥇 Enhance team building and strategic alignment

Instructor-led sessions (both in-person and virtual!) include hands-on work, group discussions and group breakout sessions.

Learners LOVE the opportunity to learn & grow with their peers and get some work done! The synergies that come from a dynamic learning setting are awesome!

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“I have seen Sue facilitate workshops both in person and virtually. Both prior to the pandemic and since as our organization remains on a work from home basis. Sue is very engaging as a trainer and speaker. She manages the overall workshop with expertise ensuring she maintains a good balance between content (lecture) and engagement (oral responses/polls/exercises)  for the participants.”

Head of Learning & Development

Client, Supplier Organization


A solution provider client whose customers are retailers and suppliers that purchase their reporting tool. Their objective was to elevate the skills of their analytics and business development teams in the areas of category management, strategy and data-to-insights. Sue facilitated a live classroom training session at their National Meeting on a program titled "Strategic Analysis and Insights".


  • A blended learning program included 4 eLearning classes as pre-work and a one-day live classroom session.
  • Incredible synergies across the team and with the facilitator allowed them to identify new KPIs and analytics to incorporate into their repors. 


  • 4.3 / 5  - Overall program rating
  • 75% of participants would recommend to their peers
  • 100% found the instructor "very" or "extremely" knowledgeable and organized


Choose from these Popular Sessions or let us help you put together Custom Classroom Training that combines topics to meet immediate or future needs. Get started.


Quick Facts


Training can start in as little as 2 weeks


Sessions can have up to 20 participants


Training starts at just $4,000 USD per day


Instructor-led sessions, discussion, and more

Key Takeaways

  • Instructor-led training with real-time Q&A and discussions that bring in-person, remote, and dispersed teams together
  • Industry-leading content, flexible program design, and on-the-job activities with no added travel or hotel expenses required
  • Engaging, hands-on content paired with paced, blended learning that fits within job responsibilities

🏆 “CMKG created a virtual training program for our team grounded in real life usage and putting new skills into practice.

The skills learned from the training are driving a step change in how we showcase our insights to customers from simply sharing data points to telling a visually compelling story focused on category growth.” —Kelly Fanning, Bayer


🏆 “The collaboration and tailored approached with Sue and team made all the difference…

…in creating an engaging, a thought provoking, and all around entertaining and enjoyable learning experience for our team.” —Craig Bishop, Sr. Category Manager at Labatt Breweries of Canada home background

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