Retail Training Solutions

Align Strategy • Blended Learning • Level Setting


Grow and develop a future-focused retail category management approach.

⭐Online training/eLearning alone is NOT ENOUGH!

A combination of instructor-led, customized learning (virtual or classoom) with workshops and examples from your unique business + online training as prework to the sessions results in more relevant and engaged learning.

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Retailing has continued to change as the industry innovates, shifts, and pivots with changing shopper, data, technology, and the evolution of the Omni-Channel. The need for retailer-specific training has never been greater. Retailers should not rely solely on their suppliers to make category recommendations and should understand the processes, strategies, data and analytics in order to make the best decisions for their categories.


Our Retail blended, custom training solutions (virtual + classroom + eLearning) help individuals and teams develop category management, strategy and analytic skills that will help them make better decisions at their desks and prepare them for the future.  Programs will help participants to build proficiency in areas like data to insights, analytics, the tactics, presentation skills, strategic thinking and more. 

Retail Custom Blended Learning Solutions

icon virtual training

Live Virtual

Instructor-led, live virtual training conducted through Microsoft Teams, or other online meeting platforms.

  • Use as standalone topics or combine with eLearning  pre-work and/or live on-site training;
  • Cost-effective learning with no travel required;
  • Less disruptive to your team (120-minute sessions);
  • Customize with your own data and examples for custom working sessions using content relevant to participants;
  • Certificates and badges are available upon completion of a session;
  • Include contests, breakout groups, case studies, gamification and FUN!
icon live training

Live On-Site

Instructor-led, onsite training at your office or other locations where a face-to-face setting is preferred.

  • Use as standalone sessions or combine with eLearning  pre-work and/or live virtual;
  • Customize with your data and examples for a "roll-up-the-sleeves" working session;
  • Typically 1- to 2-day training sessions that tie in with eLearning pre-work (not required);
  • Certificates and badges are available upon completion of a session;
  • Include contests, breakout groups, case studies, gamification and FUN!


Looking for retail category management eLearning for individuals?

training & assessment

Understand Key Competencies. Identify Gaps. 

CMKG’s 3-Step Assessment Process

Individuals can understand where knowledge gaps exist in Category Management, Space Management, and Sales with a simple 3-step process — it’s designed to help you meet your goals with targeted training.

1. Complete the Assessment

Our assessments contain between 75–140 questions each and have time limits for completion. Individual results are not shared with anyone outside of CMKG.

2. Review Results

Get an automated email from CMKG with your % and point score. An 80% overall score is suggested and a 70%+ score for each of the sections.


3. Get Personalized Plan

Once our team reviews your results, you’ll get a second personalized email that details where you should start to address the gaps indicated on assessment results.

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