What we do for clients

Our approach has everything to do with you

A one-size-fits-all approach will never result in real ROI on your training investment.

To achieve your goals, we work collaboratively with clients to assess areas of greatest opportunity and then create a plan for getting there.

Here’s an overview of how we work with clients and how clients derive real value from the training, learning, and discussion around category management:

  1. Identify short- and long-term training needs and business issues of your team or organization
  2. Select the most appropriate training formats and options
  3. Review and customize a proposal to address your specific needs (short-term, long-term, or both)
  4. Training Contract Approval
  5. Critical path creation including key dates and checkpoints
  6.  Implementation and monitoring of critical path
  7. Student communications / ongoing support
  8. Team / Organization Progress reports (weekly or monthly) sent to key stakeholders
  9. Regular meetings and discussion with key stakeholders

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