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Category management (CatMan) is a retailer-owned process that has continued to change as the industry continues to innovate, shift, and pivot with changing shopper, technology and evolution of the Omni-Channel. The need for retailer-specific CatMan training has never been greater.


Retail CatMan Solutions help individuals and teams develop foundational, intermediate, advanced, and master-level skills and strategy that align with and go beyond industry standards. Participants should expect to build proficiency across data, analytics, the tactics, presentation skills, strategic thinking and more. 

Space Management Training Solutions from CMKG.ORG

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Space Management Assessment identifies team and individual knowledge gaps in shelving and space management competencies

  • Customize based on organization’s sales competencies;
  • Custom reports available at additional cost;
  • Pre- and post-assessments are available to measure training ROI;
  • Average ROI is 30 knowledge points (from 55% in pre- to 85% in post assessment);
  • Individual feedback based on results
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Collection of online, self-paced courses covering 28 key space management competencies. 

  • Start with a space management assessment to understand individual and team knowledge gaps 
  • Select custom courses based on your specific space management competencies or focus areas;
  • Combine with Instructor-Led Virtual to improve engagement and enhance depth.
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Instructor-led, live training conducted through Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or other online meeting platform.

  • Use as standalone sessions or combine with on-demand, onsite, or in-house training;
  • Cost-effective learning with no travel required
  • Less disruptive to your work with 60- to 120-minute sessions;
  • Customize with your data and examples for a "roll-up-the-sleeves" working session;
  • Include contests, breakout groups, case studies, gamification and FUN!
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Instructor-led, onsite training at your office or other locations where "deep dives" into content need a live setting.

  • Use as standalone sessions or combine with on-demand, onsite, or in-house training;
  • Includes one or two CMKG facilitators;
  • Customize with your data and examples for a "roll-up-the-sleeves" working session;
  • Typically 1- to 2-day sessions that tie in with an On-Demand Learning Program (not required);
  • Include contests, breakout groups, case studies, gamification and FUN!

Build Key Space Management Competencies

Purchase the Space Management Training Program, Individual Courses within each topic area, or build a Custom Training Option to meet the needs of Retail Individuals, Teams, or Organization. Expand the topic areas below for more information and examples. For larger retail teams and organizations, site license options are available that include custom curriculum and assessment development to meet your organizational needs.

Space Management Assessment

Start Space Management Assessment

CatMan Strategy & Foundations

CatMan Strategy & Foundations Courses & Details

  1. Category Management Overview
  2. Retailer Strategy
  3. Category Definition and Segmentation
  4. Category Roles
  5. Category Strategies
Data & Analytics

Data & Analytics Training Program & Details

  1. Understanding and Using Data
  2. Category Assessment
  3. Category Tactics & Analytics
  4. Building Data Competency: POS Data
  5. Retailer Economics and the Product Supply Chain
Space & Assortment

Space & Assortment Training Courses & Details

  1. Online Course 021 – Efficient Assortment: A Step-by-Step Process
  2. Online Course 026 – Space Management Fundamentals
  3. Online Course 027 – Leveraging Data for Advanced Shelving Solutions
  4. Online Course 028 – Store Clustering Through Store Level & Geo Data
  5. Online Course 405 – Assortment: New Shopper – Focused Metrics & Advanced Technologies
  6. Online Course 406 – Space Management: Space Optimization & Advanced Technologies.
Bonus Skills
  1. Online Course 521— Developing Data Visualization Skills for Better Storytelling Part 1.
  2. Online Course 522 -- Developing Data Visualization Skills for Better Storytelling Part 2.
  3. Online Course 016 – Building PowerPoint & Presentation Skills
  4. Online Course 017 – Building Excel Skills
  5. Online Course 508 – Applying Critical Thinking to your Category Management Work.
  6. Online Course 509 – Developing Your Soft Skills
  7. Online Course 511 – Rocking Your Presentations in Power Point, Part 1
  8. Online Course 513 – Improving Your Business Acumen in Category Management
  9. Online Course 514 – Ways to Identify Growth Opportunities in Your Business
  10. Online Course 520 – Rocking Your Presentation in Power Point, Part 2
  11. Online Course 524 – Evaluating and Managing Risk in Your Business










Key Takeaways

  • Describe what’s most important from a retail customer’s perspective based on CatMan foundations
  • Explain how retail decisions and sales recommendations affect the retail income statement
  • List key data sources and describe how to draw compelling category insights and turn into action using the tactics
  • Analyze categories and the tactics from a topline and down to a detail level
  • Explain ways that the Shopper is changing and how this impacts retail customers and the product supply chain
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CMKG.ORG’s Space Management Assessment contains 140 questions with a 90-minute time limit. You may exit and resume the assessment as needed or skip questions you don’t know. Once you complete the assessment, you’ll receive instant results by email as well as a personalized recommendation based on your score. We will not share your results with anyone outside of CMKG.ORG.

Know Your Space Management Potential


1. Complete the Assessment

Our assessments contain between 75–140 questions each and have time limits for completion. Individual results are not shared with anyone outside of CMKG.ORG.

2. Review Results

Get an automated email from with your % and point score. An 80% overall score is suggested and a 70%+ score for each of the sections.


3. Get Personalized Plan

Once our team reviews your results, you’ll get a second email that details where you can choose to start to address the gaps indicated on assessment results.

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