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The CMKG Difference

Not all training is created and delivered equally. Use these questions to discover what you need to know before committing your training budget. Have another question? Contact us at or fill out a quick form to contact us about your team training needs.

What types of training do you offer?

We offer a blended learning approach to teams and individuals through:

  • Live, In-Person Training (Teams)
  • Virtual Classroom Training (Teams and Individuals)
  • Online Training (Teams and Individuals)
  • Subscription Learning (Individuals)
We can customize training and consult with organizations to identify training opportunities that will move them toward their strategic priorities. We are 100% focused and dedicated to creating and delivering the best possible training to teams and individuals.

How often is training updated?

CMKG updates its courses every 2 years – we will have revamped all of our online accredited training in 2020, including foundational, intermediate, and advanced online courses and programs. We add in a minimum of 6 courses per year into the site license option via skill-building webinar training.

What do I get with CMKG training?

All Premium Programs purchased come with CMKG-Exclusive resources including hand-picked whitepapers, news, reference, tools, and microlearning resources to help individuals succeed and remain engaged. Compare benefits across all learning options here.

How is CMKG’s training different?

  • We have 15+ years of training experience creating and delivering training to major retail and CPG companies — online, virtually, and in-person.
  • Training is developed in-house by content experts. Our category management training is retailer-focused because we see the category management process as a retailer-driven process. This makes our training much more valuable for our Retailer and CPG customers.
  • We focus training on knowledge and on-the-job skill building with a continuous learning approach. Our clients tells us that our courses and programs are much more robust, with 60+ courses ranging between 45 minutes and 2 hours in length. 

What support is provided to individual learners?

We have accredited practitioners accessible 12 hours per day via online chat, email, and phone whose mission is to help each individual learner build skills and make progress in the training.

How can individuals and team access training?

All training can be completed via desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device. Beginning in October 2020, specific courses and microlearning will be available via a mobile app for site licenses, premium programs, and premium subscription training. Compare learning options and benefits by training type.

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About CMKG

We are a passionate team of lifetime learners, category management experts, and dedicated professionals who are focused on helping you achieve your organizational goals — now and in the future. In everything we do, we push beyond what’s required to fulfill what’s needed for our clients to maximize data, tools, processes & strategy, and people.

Train Ahead with CMKG

We help Retailers and Manufacturers meet the needs and expectations of their increasingly sophisticated consumers and shoppers by maximizing the impact of their work by supporting and enhancing any company’s most important asset — people.

That means we continuously search out and share industry news, events, and developments while ensuring that our training always meets current needs and anticipates what’s next in category management. We developed a continuous learning path for ourselves and for our clients who need to keep pace with our industry. 

CMKG is proud to be the exclusive provider of category management training to CMA+SIMA Members that brings together professional standards with best-in-class training for its membership.


We create, deliver, and support category management training for:

ManufacturersExecutivesRetailersConvenienceIndividualsSolution ProvidersTeam Leaders

CatMan passion, expertise, and leadership

CatMan for all

Our clients and students represent both Retailers and Manufacturers, including a variety of business units and roles such as category managers, sales, marketing, key account managers, training and development, and human resources. We understand that different roles need different levels of training and work with you to develop the best solution for your circumstances.

You Focused, Everyday

The options to succeed in meeting your goals takes more than an off-the-shelf solution to developing your most important asset — PEOPLE. People are the key to innovation, strategy, and forward momentum. We’re here to help you meet your goals, not fit you into what we have to offer.

Thought Leaders, Educational Experts

Our blended learning approach to training has led to a measurable  30% increase in knowledge  on average, and includes multiple ways to enhance learning, including:

  • Hands-on, application-focused videos
  • Topic-based live and recorded webinars
  • Live, in-person training and thought leadership presentations
  • Focused learning case studies and workshops
  • Frequent sharing of news, trends, and industry developments
  • Expansive and growing library of resources and tools
  • Unrivaled student support
  • Inextinguishable passion for the practice of category management excellence


Beginning can be the most challenging part of any endeavor.

Make it easy and cost-effective by starting with our Online CatMan Team Assessment to help you:

Document team strengths

Ensure role alignment

Identify growth opportunities
Identify barriers created by lack of capability.



100% Certified Instructors


Accredited Courses & Programs


Thought Leadership


CatMan Training Leader


Your CatMan training should help you and your partners connect with the Shopper.

Maximize the interconnected nature of effective category management with industry-trust training. Retail and CPG teams learn to collaborate — enhancing business outcomes for both by serving the needs of the Shopper.

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