Why start with a team assessment? Knowledge of where skills are lacking is the first step toward meeting your business goals. 

Starting with an assessment is a great way for organizations to understand where their knowledge gaps are and for individuals to be informed and motivated to learn based on identification of their knowledge gap areas.

At CMKG we have had over 3,000 individuals complete an assessment that gives them a roadmap to learning based on their results. Our assessments are developed from a bank of test questions that span our >70 online courses.



Choose from one of our standard assessments or we can create a custom assessment based on your core competencies (click on an assessment below to learn more and try it out for yourself):  

  1. Category Management Assessment
  2. Sales Assessment
  3. CatMan Master's Assessment
  4. Shopper Insights Assessment

How to get started?

TRY IT OUT FREE!  Anyone can take a free assessment as an individual and get their results via email.

We suggest a more formalized approach for large groups / teams that includes expectations and a corporate report.


What's the cost for team assessments?

Prices start at $100/pp. Teams of 5+ members qualify for group discounts of 20% or more. Tell us more about your team size so we can send you a quote by email


Find out where your team has growth opportunities

Based on core competencies at all levels of experience, you will gain a clear picture of your opportunities and will be able to prioritize training needs, outcomes, and budget. And, once training is complete, you can choose to do a post-assessment evaluation where you can identify increases in knowledge.

On average, students attain a 51% score on the pre-assessment test, followed by a 81% on the post-assessment test.  
CMKG's training builds knowledge by 30 points from the pre- to post- training!"
CMKG_Team assessment - Identify Opportunities.png

Identify opportunities

Find your blind spots and correct them so you can work toward your goals.
CMKG_Team assessment  - targeted measures.png

Targeted Measures

Look at skill development areas or measure against industry standards
CMKG_Team assessment -  Results Report.png

Individual Results 

Get personalized results by individual with feedback on their biggest learning gaps.
CMKG_Team Assessment - Maximum Value.png

Team / Org Results

Get individual / team results reports with comparison vs industry.

Category Management Team Assessment

Find out which levels of skill and expertise your team or organization need to meet your goals

Learn what your team needs to deliver the results you expect.

Evaluation of your team in either skill development areas or across industry standards

Target the biggest wins.

Focus training where and when you need it most without repeating content that doesn’t add value.

Invest in your most important asset.

People deliver value and seek to develop their skills when they see that those skills are valued by leadership.