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  Programs   Premium Courses Value Courses  Annual Subscription    
  Compilation of premium courses with different focus areas   On-Demand courses with >70 topics to choose from On-Demand courses with less resources (video only) Premium learning resources    
Cost $$$   $$ $ $$    
Duration 365 days   30 days 30 days 365 days      
Self-paced course videos   ⛔  
Free Course (CatMan Overview)
Hands-on workshops   ⛔      
Knowledge checks + Course Test      
Certification Prep Materials

(optional - CPCA and CPCM only)

Desktop, Laptop, Table, and Mobile Access      
Searchable Industry Glossaries      
Microlearning reference and tools   ✅     
Hand-picked whitepapers & industry news ✅    ✅  ✅     
6 *LIVE* virtual training courses ✅    ✅     
20+ virtual training course recordings ✅    ✅     
 5 Assessments ✅    ✅  ✅  ✅