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Why choose Fact-Based Training?

Fact-Based Presentations is a hands-on, interactive training session that, from the first day, engages participants and encourages them to start thinking about their business more strategically, including:

DAY 1 — Data to Insights

  • Focus on overall category management and retail strategy, understanding the retailer’s Shoppers, and applying these perspectives to your analysis and presentations.
  • Review and define the most important metrics for each of YOUR data sources based on which data sources (e.g. Shopper, POS, retail measurement, panel data). Shopper data is recommended strongly.
  • Hands-on, customized examples, exercises, and workshops focused on drilling down through basic data to draw insights and identify opportunities.
  • Use a SWOT analysis to record the most important observations from each data source.
  • The customized case study uses a category example from a retailer, where teams will be responsible for identifying the biggest growth opportunities for the retailer.

DAY 2 — Presentation Skills

  • Focus on presentation skills training, including PowerPoint tips and presentation development.
  • Review and outline a 5-step process to develop fact-based presentations.
  • Introduce a Slide Design Checklist for creating slides that have relevance and value.
  • Work in small groups throughout the day, including one-on-one facilitator coaching, to ultimately develop a fact-based presentation based on Day 1’s case study analysis.
  • Each group presents their fact-based presentation to their peers and a panel with time for feedback after each presentation and a peer vote to identify the best presentation.

What is a fact-based presentation
and what does GOOD look like?

This is a question we are often asked and one that is easily answered. Fact-based presentations start with data and facts that guide the presentation and provide the viewer with factual information about the situation, product or service being presented, along with a recommended action from those facts.

Become significantly more effective at selling with facts, not opinions or claims.

A well-developed, fact-based presentation is your best selling tool but does require additional work. The result of your work presents a much more persuasive story because of the supporting data and facts you include. Rather than spending time disputing your claims, you can discuss and analyze how the facts present opportunities for your audience. 

Have a high-stakes presentation in the near future?

After completing training on fact-based presentations, you’ll have the knowledge and skills to develop and deliver more compelling presentations with a higher likelihood of persuasion. However, you may still worry whether your presentation is as effective as possible when the stakes are high.

We’ve got you covered.

If you have an upcoming presentation, we can help with a complete fact-based review including suggestions and feedback on where to make adjustments for the highest impact.

Basic Review, $500 USD includes:

  • Presentations <30pp*
  • Content and format review
  • Facts and actions review
  • Written feedback
  • Phone consultation (up to 30 minutes)
*Presentations over 30pp, add $250 USD

Advanced Review & Edit, Starting at $1,200 USD includes:

  • Presentations <30pp**
  • Content and format review and edit
  • Facts and action review and edit
  • Completed, ready-to-present deck
  • Phone consultation (up to 60 minutes)
**Presentations over 30pp require an estimate


Email for more information or to get your presentation ready for your upcoming meeting.

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Learning Outcomes

Better understand the category management process
Assess where your organization and Retailers are in the category management continuum.
Improve terminology, understand calculations, and learn how to interpret some of the key metrics used in your business.
Build skill in drilling through data
Ability to differentiate between a data point and an insight
Develop logic and flow in a fact-based sales presentation.
Create effective PowerPoint slides that have meaning, purpose and portray the most important parts of your presentation.

Fact-Based Training Details

Suggested as a live, 2-day classroom session* with up to 25 participants

Hands-on Case Study materials are customized with data, specific category, and sample retailer

Online prework completed by participants one week in advance of live session

*Training session is suggested as a 2-day program but may be condensed to a single- or half-day program with modifications to the content and learning outcomes.

Fact-Based Learning Resources for Manufacturers


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