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We look forward to helping you address and overcome the barriers to your success — now and in the future!

Use a single or series of live, in-person or webinar training to bring your team to our experts together to gain broadened perspective and the right knowledge.

Live training is effective for:

  • Tackling a recurrent, complex, or unique challenge in your business
  • Enabling efficiency and effectiveness by getting team members to work together
  • Addressing specific topic gap right now
  • Applying existing or previous training to on-the-ground strategy, work, and outcomes

Choose the option that works best for you and your team

Live, customized training allows you and your team to ask questions, participate, and engage with our expert instructors to interactively solve your recurrent, persistent, or unique challenges as an organization.

  • Live, in-person training can cement team relationships and ability to work together at the corporate headquarters or at an offsite event or meeting.
  • Webinar-based training allows a distributed workforce to come together efficiently — and don’t forget they can be recorded and rewatched indefinitely.

Make the training work for you

Content can be abbreviated from specific courses, programs, or popular topics like:

Or, Live Training can integrate Custom or Proprietary Content that connects the dots and makes your work both efficient and effective.

As part of the training, you can choose to add coaching webinars to supplement case study work, where teams come together to present their fact-based case study results to their peers in a final presentation.


Maximize Your Impact With Ease.

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Easy Setup

We take care of all the technical details so you can focus on getting your team or organization ready.
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Specific Content

Address as much or as little as you need for a short-term learning experience.
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Expert Instructors

We are certified by the Category Management Association at the highest level with years of practical teaching and industry experience.
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Interact in person or via webinar to have a conversation, ask questions, or dig deep on a specific area of your business.

Focus on what YOU need most

Specify topic areas as needed, when they’re needed.

We have a wealth of courses, programs, and other topics that can be translated into live sessions that work around your schedule or deadlines.

Apply maximum focus to learning and get your questions answered.

In-person learning can be a valuable team or organizational experience whether webinar or live, onsite training. Leaders and team members alike can explore the possibilities of category management in their real work situation, together.

Bring your remote team together.

More and more of our clients have teams scattered across countries and around the globe. Take advantage of company meetings, or choose webinars, to create a learning opportunity that builds foundational through advanced knowledge and skills.


With help from our experts, you can tackle persistent, complex, or unique challenges. We’ll help you and your team build on strengths that level up your leadership capabilities with the training options you need for success.

Ready to level up and be seen as a leader?


Our Clients

Clients who choose to purchase training and/or consulting services often request to have their names remain confidential. However, some of our clients are so enthusiastic, they can’t help but tell others.

If you would like references, we are always happy to provide them upon request.