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Accredited training, prep, and practice exams to help prepare you for certification. 

Category management industry certification brings many benefits to organizations, but it’s not the only way to ensure that your team performs at its best level. When the Category Management Association developed standards in 2009, CMKG was at the discussion table and helped shape what has since become a way for professional to connect with peers aroud the world and further their careers through best practices and current knowledge.

How much does it cost?

Certification exam-prep materials start as low as $39 per person. 

How do I purchase?

Pricing reflects an individual purchase. Teams of 5+ members qualify for group discounts of 20% or more. Tell us more about your team size so we can send you a quote by email.


Thinking about Certification with the CMA? 

Preparing for proctored, certified exams with the CMA is not the same as completing training.

The choice to certify your team or organization is a question only you can answer, but we can help you based on your short- and long-term plans. Our prep and practice materials closely mimic the experience of taking the real exam and offer many opportunities to test and enhance what you or your team has learned.

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Certification Prep that Works for You

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Individual or bundled level-based assessment for CPCA and CPCM

Work with us to develop a streamlined approach for category management industry certification.
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Accredited training for CPCA, CPCM, and CPSA levels

Category management experts help you determine which certification training level will drive capability and performance.
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Prep materials include resources, detailed mini exams, and practice exams

Give your team multiple study resources to meet different learning styles.
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Strong planning & communication with the CMA

We can be your liaison with the CMA to reduce your administrative burden.

Buy Category Management Training, Prep, and, Practice from Experts in Category Management Training

Category management certification training from CMKG will help teams understand and learn how to use industry best practices in their roles AND pursue category management industry certification with the Category Management Association (CMA). Our training meets and exceeds requirements from the CMA and our Exam Prep & Practice materials thoroughly prepare our students.

Training Programs + Exam Prep & Practice Materials Available from CMKG:

Looking for training? Check out our Category Management Training Programs.

Industry Certification Prep and Practice for your needs.

Align your team or organization to industry standards and to your business goals.

Assess certification level and identify individual and team training needs.

We have a variety of assessment options that include all levels or specific CPCA, CPCM, and CPSA assessments.

Minimize multiple testing fees and promote certification success.

Our training, prep, and practice exams maximize the preparedness of your team when testing time arrives.

Individualize certification level across teams or the organization.

Based on roles and departments, you can individualize the level of certification preparation to meet your business needs.

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Our Clients

Clients who choose to purchase training and/or consulting services often request to have their names remain confidential. However, some of our clients are so enthusiastic, they can’t help but tell others.

If you would like references, we are always happy to provide them upon request.

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Category Management Training

Choosing the right program depends on your short- and long-term goals. From foundational, intermediate, advanced, and Master’s-level training — we can help your organization get more ROI from your category management work.

Learn how category management can help you meet your business goals.

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Category Management Webinars

When in-person, onsite training isn’t feasible, but customized content is essential, webinars are an effective platform that brings geographically distant teams or partners together to focus on what matters most.

Find out more about our CatMan Webinars