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Training Overview

Grow and develop a future-focused category management approach.

Category management is a retailer-focused process and has continued to change as the industry continues to innovate, shift, and pivot.

CMKG’s CatMan Training Program helps individuals and teams develop foundational, intermediate, advanced, and master-level skills and strategy that align with and go beyond industry standards. Individuals and teams build proficiency across data, analytics, assortment, pricing, promotion, and more with in-depth content. Individuals and teams interested in certification through the Category Management Association may also be interested in Certification Prep, including Practice Exams.

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Build Level-Based Competencies

Purchase a Level 1, 2, 3, or 4 CatMan Training Program, Individual Courses within each Level, or build a Custom Training Option to meet the needs of Individuals, Teams, or Organization. Expand the levels below for more information.

Levels 1–3 Assessment

Accredited training programs are great for organizations that want their team course time full, as well as comprehensive category management training programs and/or industry certification. Start off with an assessment to identify knowledge gaps prior to completing the training (optional). Programs includes on-demand courses (including workshops and resource guides) and a course test.

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Level 1, CPCA

This set of foundational courses gives a solid grounding in the category management process, analytics and presentation skills. 

This program meets all learning requirements for the designation of Certified Professional Category Analyst (CPCA) designation for those who are interested in certification.  

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Level 2, CPCM

This training program is designed to build category management skills at an intermediate level, including in-depth data and analytics across key data sources and the category tactics.  It includes a set of on-demand courses that will give participants skills to function at an intermediate level in their catman or sales role in retail / CPG / FMCG. 

This program meets all learning requirements for the Certified Professional Category Manager (CPCM) designation with the CMA for those who are interested.  

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Level 3, CPSA

This advanced training program is designed to build skills in areas like shopper and product supply. It includes a set of on-demand courses that gives participants the skills to function at an advanced level in their role in retail / CPG / FMCG. 

This program meets all learning requirements for the CPSA designation.   

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Level 4 Assessment

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Level 4, CatMan Master’s Program (non-certification)

The CatMan Master's Series is a set of 12 virtual courses (recorded) with information about CatMan 2.0™ that will impact individuals’ day-to-day and futures role using an updated, advanced category management process.

Get yourself or your team ready with topic-based recorded virtual courses that help learners apply new & refreshed Catman 2.0 principles through examples, strategies and tips.

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Start for free. Take our assessment.

CMKG.ORG’s CatMan Assessment contains 90 questions with a 60-minute time limit. You may exit and resume the assessment as needed or skip questions you don’t know. Once you complete the assessment, you’ll receive instant results by email as well as a personalized recommendation based on your score. We will not share your results with anyone outside of CMKG.ORG.

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Key Takeaways

  • Describe what’s most important from a retail customer’s perspective based on CatMan foundations
  • Explain how retail decisions and sales recommendations affect the retail income statement
  • List key data sources and describe how to draw compelling category insights and turn into action using the tactics
  • Identify the elements of a powerful (virtual) sales presentation – including the logic and flow, look and feel and delivery
  • Explain ways that the Shopper is changing and how this impacts retail customers and collaboration with them
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