Need a better understanding of what your customers want?

Understand category management principles, actions, and results

  • Category Roles
  • Retail Strategy
  • Category Analysis


Use fact-based strategies and tactics to address the needs of your Shoppers

  • Assortment
  • Shelving
  • Pricing
  • Promotion


Build Sales and Profit

  • Faster Inventory Turns
  • Shopper Loyalty
  • Shopper Happiness

Your customers expect to get what they want, right now.

At every level, people are the key to your success.


Whether you are the owner of the store, or rely on others to manage and run the business, smart decisions are made by people.

Category management helps convenience stores serve the needs of their customers through better shelving strategies and assortment decisions. It is practiced by both small and large businesses because of the ROI that it creates, which means more efficiency and sales for your store.


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Category Management training is what we do best.

We are the category management experts who can help you improve your bottomline.
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Personalized Business Consultation on your key business opportunities
CMKG-audience_convenience icon convenient online training-1.png
Convenient, online training that lets you learn at your own pace
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Needs-focused training option to suit your schedule and budget
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Unrivaled student support with measurable learning increases
The Convenience store (c-store) retail format has different Shoppers, trip missions and considerations that need to be applied in category management - it's not the same.  We can help you (either as a retailer or manufacturer) to build your skills to better understand this unique and important store format.

Looking for some ‘convenient’ knowledge?

Blog posts on convenience issues are listed below:



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