Category Management Training Solutions and Services developed and implemented by Retail and CPG learning experts.


Industry chosen

CMKG is the sole training provider to Category Management Association Membership.

Our online training meets or exceeds standards and focuses on building retention and on-the-job performance inside and across departments.


Always up-to-date and current

CMKG Training is updated as our industry changes — now and for an evolving future.

Our training is updated every 2 years because learning should meet your needs as our industry continues to change.


Online + Virtual training experts

CMKG has been training industry-leading retailers and brands since 2005 — online, virtually, and in-person.

Our training is created by subject matter experts that have tested experience delivering blended learning.

Your CatMan learning options are continuous.

Category Management skills and knowledge drive strategic, fact-based decision making for your team or organization.


Virtual Classroom Training

Bringing together remote teams since 2005. Charge ahead and power your team progress with training designed and delivered by content experts with 15+ years of online and virtual training experience. Learn more about virtual classroom training on important topics for Retail and CPG.

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CatMan Team Assessment

Finding the areas where your organization, team or individual-level skills are lacking is the first step in serving internal CatMan goals.

Learn how our assessment tool builds more strategic & efficient teams …

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CatMan Certification Training, Prep, and Practice Exams

If category management certification is your goal for teams, departments, or your entire organization, our training meets and exceeds industry accreditation standards and leads to a 30% increase in knowledge on average. CPCA, CPCM, and CPSA options available.


Learn more about how to prepare for certification

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Category Management Training

Choosing the right level, format, and depth depends on your short- and long-term goals. From foundational, intermediate, advanced, and Master’s-level training — we can help your organization get more ROI from your CatMan work.

Learn how CatMan can help you meet your business goals.

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Skill Development Training

Focused training for role-based performance improvements across an organization can often make the most impact. With a variety of areas such as Retailer Strategy, Data, Insights and Analytics, we can help you match the relevant roles and training that will help you meet your goals.

Why Skill Development makes sense for your team


CatMan Learning & Resource Membership

Staying up to date in our industry can be challenging, but we make it as simple as logging in to see current news, industry changes, whitepapers, and hot topics. We do all the research and gathering and you sit back and reap the benefits.

Stay up to date and informed with CatMan membership

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Category Management Webinars

When in-person, onsite training isn’t feasible, but customized content is essential, webinars are an effective platform that brings geographically distant teams or partners together to focus on what matters most.

Find out more about our CatMan Webinars 

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Category Management Case Studies

Enhanced learning at the CPCA, CPCM, and CPSA levels through hands-on examples and exercises. Generalk industry examples are used, but content can be customized with your data and scenarios for team skill development.

Learn how CatMan Case Studies can enhance your team’s effectiveness

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Category Management Coaching for Individuals and Teams

Receiving non-biased, outside perspective from seasoned CatMan experts can open up strategic and business possibilities, reframe a problem or issue, and create new solutions for achieving your business goals.

Get unbiased perspective on how CatMan can change your business

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Category Management Thought Leadership and Presentation

Sharing category management knowledge, insight, and perspective on the future of our industry is what we think about and DO every day. As an organization who has always been at the forefront of our industry, we welcome the opportunity to continue to improve and shape what’s ahead.

Contact us about your event or content need


The Exclusive Provider of CatMan Training to CMA+SIMA Members

We have partnered with the CMA+SIMA to provide certification prep & practice, foundational, intermediate, advanced, and Master’s Training to its Retail and Manufacturing Member Organizations. 

Learn how to get and use training credits from CMA+SIMA …



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