CatMan 2.0 FAQs

What is CatMan 2.0?

CatMan 2.0™ is an updated category management process that is described in a 325-page white paper developed by a team of manufacturers and retailers, facilitated and published by the Category Management Association. It is an updated, more advanced approach to the category management process that reflects changes in the industry over the past 25+ years and proposes a conceptual framework for the critically important changes facing the industry.


What are the four biggest weaknesses of CatMan 1.0 according to the 2.0 white paper?

  • Inadequate internal alignment
  • Poor assessment on Why? and weak insight development
  • A focus on shelf and assortment/planogramming
  • Poor execution

What are the major changes made to the category management process as a result of CatMan 2.0?

  • Addition of “Internal Alignment” as a new pre-step in the 8-step process.
  • Addition of Shopper Insights in the Category Assessment step - “Why are they buying the category”?
  • Addition of “Marketing” as the fifth tactic.
  • A more robust deployment step.


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