CatMan 2.0 FAQs

How can we build an Organizational CatMan Structure around CatMan 2.0?

Our industry is changing more than ever before – new data, technology, analytics, Shoppers, omnichannel… but think about how much you’ve changed the work that you do in category management. Or even how your team is structured. How is your organization responding to these changes?

According to CatMan 2.0, roles that are inter-dependent should be in the same organization. Shopper insights, shopper marketing and category management are inter-dependent in creating the necessary output for the ultimate client (the retailer), the category platform.

What’s the difference between a Traditional and Modern Retail Organizational Structure?

There’s a more traditional org structure that you may still see in some retailers, where within the commercial or merchandising department, there is category buying, and then promotion planning, space planning and pricing are run in separate departments.

In a more modern structure, you will see that category managers report in to the commercial department, and own the whole category portfolio, including the tactics, shopper, buying and even store brands. There may be some dotted line reporting out – for example, store brands will most likely be reporting in to marketing, but will work with the category teams to develop the category pans.

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