CatMan 2.0 FAQs

How can I develop Shopper-Based CatMan Foundations?

We tend to spend much of our time as CatMan practitioners “in the trenches” - analyzing categories for opportunities, identifying tactical opportunities, and optimizing assortments and space management.

How strategic is your approach? Without Shopper-focused CatMan foundations, it’s probably limited.

Many retailers and suppliers struggle with understanding why Shopper is completely missed in their category management approach - including assessments, tactical decisions and the like. In most cases, it’s because organizations lack well defined, Shopper-focused foundations - including category definition, roles and strategies.

What is the purpose of CatMan Purpose and what are its Outputs?

It starts with your Category Management organization identifying their purpose and ultimate outputs. These purposes are the “contracts” with the outside world and clarity on purpose is an absolute pre-condition for effective work design and output.

It may be time to think about your current situation, and whether there is perfect clarity in the purpose and expected outputs of the category management group that you belong to.

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