CatMan 2.0 FAQs

How do we link metrics to Assessment Opportunities and Category Strategies?

Understanding how to link each key opportunity identified in the category assessment to a strategy, and ultimately develop a scorecard metric is critical.

For example, if you identified that the Retailer’s Shopper spends less in the Premium segment vs competition, the strategy could be to:

  • Increase the $/hhld within the Premium segment, as tracked in consumer panel data as the $/buyer or $/hhld (Note; you would have to agree to the right target # required to achieve the extra sales from achieving this goal).

What are the New Shopper-Focused Metrics and Advanced Technologies?

Because of the changing Shopper, new & advanced data sources & technologies and the ability for Retailers to cluster and localize assortments, we need to advance our approach in efficient assortment.

  • The market is changing with changes in formats / channels / omni-channel
  • The Shopper is changing with more price awareness and demand for personalized service
  • Data & technology are advancing with the ability to create store specific assortments and POGs
  • The digital revolution is continuing to drive online sales
  • The growth of niche is creating new (craft) brands that are expanding their presence

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