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There are a lot of changes happening right now, but moving to a more advanced approach isn’t where you start.

Are you thinking of "what's next" for your category management team in this Shopper-focused world? Significant shifts in data, technology, and Shoppers have spurred the Category Management Association to revise and change the process via CatMan 2.0™ but organizations are struggling to move from the proposed changes to real actions

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CatMan Master's Training Courses, starting at $69 per course.

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Pricing reflects an individual purchase. Teams of 5+ members qualify for group discounts of 20% or more. Tell us more about your team size so we can send you a quote by email.

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Be an Industry Leader

Addressing uncertainty with vision and insight will proactively take your team to a new level of thinking and strategy
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Shape the Future of CatMan

Collaborating with others in the industry, the practice of CatMan is evolving in real time with your help
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Target Opportunities

Understanding the new tools, technology, and data provides perspective on seizing opportunities never before possible
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Compete at a higher level

Unlock insights, explore best practices, and understand available and future technologies that will help you compete

Master's Training  Series - only from CMKG

Category Management has been a highly successful process for both Retailers and Manufacturers to drive business results, but as the competitive landscape has expanded and shifted, the practice of category management must change in both small and significant ways. The CMA recently launched a new and updated CatMan 2.0™ approach to reflect these changes. The biggest changes include an "Internal Alignment" step, and the integration of Shopper Insights and Shopper Marketing into the catman process.

Our CatMan Master’s Training brings together industry experts to set aside the status quo and develop best practices, understanding, and insight on how Retailers and Manufacturers can change the practice of category management for the 21st century and beyond.  Learn what's new, what's next and establish priorities for your organization based on where you want to play.

View All Master's Training Courses

CatMan Master’s Training

Empower your team and attain your goals through targeted training

Inform yourself, one topic at a time.

Get yourself or your team ready with topic-based training webinars that help you apply Catman 2.0™ principles through examples, strategies and tips. 

Impact Your Role.

Apply an advanced strategic understanding of category management and the current state of our industry. Be prepared to navigate your role and the future as the industry continues to evolve.

Invest in your most important asset.

People deliver value through insights, understanding, and collaboration with others. Develop your key assets for the short- and long-term success of your organization.

Get Big Picture Insight on What Impacts YOU. Request our CatMan 2.0  Introduction: What’s Changed? Course Recording.

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