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As part of my ongoing work, I have the privilege of engaging with many types and sizes of retailers, manufacturers, and solution providers to develop and facilitate category management training. 

Along the way, I also have the opportunity to learn (yay!) from some absolutely brilliant people and companies. My connection to these uniquely different customers provides a broadened perspective and helps me identify common themes, gaps, and opportunities, including:

Common Gaps & Opportunities 

Establish Clear Purpose for CatMan Work
What goals will category management work help you achieve? 

Identify Expected Outputs from your CatMan Team
What results will your category management work produce?

Identify, Prioritize, and Improve CatMan Inputs
What data, tools, strategy, processes, and people are needed to produce results and where are there opportunities for improvements in each?



These 5 Inputs Connect YOU with your Shopper

Data  |  Tools  |   Strategy  |  Processes  |  People

This newsletter will focus on how to improve these 5 CatMan Inputs, Shopper satisfaction, and ultimately YOUR business results.

happy learning!

Sue Nicholls, CPSA • President & Founder, CMKG

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Innovation and Opportunity at Checkout

From VideoMining: As we all know, the front-end of grocery and convenience stores is changing. From established innovations such as express lanes and self-checkout to new technology like cashier-less checkout (Amazon Go), click and collect and self-scan, retailers are looking for new ways to improve the shopping experience by providing quicker or more convenient options for checkout.

Read more: Innovation and Opportunity at Checkout


The need to lead in data and analytics

From McKinsey: In a new survey, executives say senior-leader involvement and the right organizational structure are critical factors in how successful a company’s analytics efforts are, even more important than its technical capabilities or tools.

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Much of What You Thought You Knew About Gen Z’s Shopping Habits Is Probably Wrong

From ADWEEK: A new survey suggests that Gen Z shoppers are more traditional and more patient than many thought. For retailers who’ve been racking their brains in recent years over how to target millennials, here’s a bit of unsettling news: Gen Z is coming right on their heels. Not only that but, the prevailing wisdom goes, these newly minted consumers (now 23 and younger) want everything right away.

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7 Innovative Retail Partnership Examples

From When retail changes as quickly as it does in today’s market, it’s more important than ever to constantly innovate and look for the next opportunity. One way to do that is through brand partnerships … Check this list of seven innovative retail partnership examples to find inspiration for your next collaboration:

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Private Label Isn’t What It Used to Be

From Private label isn’t what it used to be. Grocers are no longer filling the gaps in their shelves with generic products, they’re making way for exclusive private label brands. Shoppers are going out of their way to pick up an exclusive private label product that can only be found in a specific store. 

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The Battle for Product Placement: The CPG Manufacturer’s Guide to Winning Market Share (PDF)

From Fred Brown at Kalypso: Several weeks ago, my wife sent me to the grocery store for some food staples. In the interest of maintaining family peace, I agreed to the assignment. But there was an ulterior motive to my unusual helpfulness.

Like most men, I enjoy watching classic battles, whether on TV, at the Atlanta Falcon Stadium, or at the grocery store. “Wait,” you respond. “Battles at the grocery store—the home of humanity’s sustenance and friendly (most of the time) attendants?”

In fact, there is a continuous battle among retail suppliers for preferred shelf placement. 

Download PDF

Learn From The Good, The Bad And The Ugly In Product Launches

From Preparing for a brand launch or reintroduction to the market is not for the faint of heart. For more than 25 years, I’ve moderated numerous collaborative strategy sessions with consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturers on behalf of our company and have worked with other CPG manufacturers at various stages in their journey. Some have been better prepared than others to start or restart the product-life cycle journey.

Marketers looking to help their clients launch products can learn from those well positioned to introduce their item to the market as well as others who needed to take a step back to improve their chances for success.

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52% of Promotions Go to Customers Who Would Pay Full Price: Study

From A recent Revionics-commissioned study, "Indiscriminate Promotions Cost Retailers," has found that 52 percent of weekly or monthly promotions go to customers who would actually pay full price.

The study, conducted by Cambridge, Mass.-based Forrester Consulting, probed into the emotional psyche of U.S., U.K., French, German and Brazilian shoppers to learn what types of retail promotions are meaningful and impactful.

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Leveraging Convenience, Wellness Helps Supermarkets Better Sell Health and Beauty Care 

From Supermarkets have long been bringing up the rear in the health, beauty and wellness (HBW) race. Experts say that in an increasingly splintered and competitive market, the grocery channel has an opportunity to leverage its convenience and food/wellness positioning to boost its profile in this category.

Laura Mahecha, industry manager for health care at Kline & Co., a Parsippany, N.J.-based consulting group, notes that the supermarket channel’s share of total HBC has shrunk to around 19 percent.

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Fresh Content from CMKG

It’s Important to Assess and Improve Your Business Sense

Improving Your Business Acumen in Category Management

Business acumen is the ability to assess an external market and make effective decisions. You need the skills and tools to think more like an owner of the business and to understand, set and execute business strategy while being able to measure the effectiveness of your business strategy through financial performance – skills that I think many of us can improve upon. Read more.

Identifying Growth Opportunities In Your Business

An opportunity is any project or investment that will create growth for your business.  Read More


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