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Lifelong learners, category management experts, dedicated professionals who are focused on helping you achieve your organizational goals. Because the bare minimum doesn’t inspire us or help you address what’s ahead.  We continue to learn alongside our clients and students, expanding our knowledge and evolving our approach in this ever-changing world.


CMKG Leadership Team

Define your objectives. Maximize your ROI.

Sue Nicholls, CPSA
President & Founder

“Category Management helps small, medium, and large organizations serve Shoppers better, thereby improving business results and efficiency. The depth of its application is unique to each organization. We help individuals and teams improve the return on CatMan efforts through strategic skill and collaboration building, whether internal, external or both.”

Sue started her career at Procter & Gamble, leading the Canadian Category Management team, and eventually consulting on the global Category Management team. She observed a pattern around the lack of foundational knowledge in the field and began designing foundational training for category management professionals.

In 2005, Sue launched Category Management Knowledge Group, dedicated to providing targeted training solutions for individuals and organizations.

Realize your goals. Power your success.

Ty Snaith, CPSA
Director of Client Services

“Serving the needs of clients — whether entire organizations, teams, or individuals — is our priority. CMKG is, and always has been, a leader in developing the best, most current, and most effective category management training available. But without the best service and support, event the best training may not help you realize your goals. We are here to help you foster growth, development, and effectiveness.”

Ty also began his career at Procter & Gamble, where he gained significant sales experience in retail sales, key accounts, and then in account management. He then worked at Nestle as an account manager for Safeway. Ty joined the team at Category Management Knowledge Group in 2006, bringing with him significant experience in category management and sales.

He leads CMKG’s student support team, responsible for coaching and teaching students as they complete their custom CMKG training programs.  If you have a hard time understanding any aspect of your training, Ty will help coach you through it.

Communicate Consistently. Measure Progress.

yohanka image.png
Yohanka González-MacPhie
Implementation Manager

“Ensuring success requires effective planning, implementation, and communication. Measuring success is essential to any learning program and CMKG is committed to identifying and capturing the progress of students — individually and collectively — to support an organization’s business and training objectives”

Yohanka brings considerable experience in project management and communications to our CMKG team which will help to ensure that our students and clients have what they need to get the best ROI in their training programs.

She is also overseeing our massive translation project so that we can offer all of our certified category management training in Spanish for Latin America, including the implementation of the programs and offering student support in Spanish.   


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