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On-demand training solutions for retailers and suppliers since 2002.

Comprehensive online training that delivers a 30-point growth in knowledge for any size retailer or supplier team for more relevant insights, better processes, and new perspectives for your business. Training is available on over 70 topics and geared toward category management, sales, shopper, space management and more.

We strongly suggest that on-demand training be supplemented with Live Virtual Training, with the on-demand training providing the industry standards and how to's, and the virtual training providing context about how the topic works for your unique organization.

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On-Demand Training from CMKG.ORG is quality learning for your team that drives results.

On-Demand Training Programs

For teams or individuals, on-demand programs are available 24/7 across levels, topics, and audiences including category management, sales, marketing, shopper insights, and space management. Check out details for our broad variety of programs below.

On-Demand Training Courses

For teams or individuals, on-demand courses are available 24/7 and include 70+ topics - check out course descriptions below.

Virtual Courses

On-Demand Subscription Learning

For teams or individuals, on-demand subscription learning provides access to over 25 virtual courses, loads of resources for on-the-job help and more.

Choose from available solutions or let us help you put together Custom On-Demand Training to meet specific gaps or future needs. Get started with team pricing.


Quick Facts


Training schedules meet your goals


You choose how many students or ask about a site license.


Start with an assessment to target growth areas or measure results


Training authored by content experts

Key Takeaways

  • Industry-leading content in over 70 topics that impact your business as a retailer or supplier
  • Available 24/7 in key areas of category management, sales, space management, shopper insights, and more
  • Engaging, user-paced modules paired with knowledge checks and resources
  • Optional custom live virtual training to complete hands-on work using your data and examples
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