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Training Overview

Develop deep Shopper understanding and insights that inspire informed strategy and tactics. Outdated processes and thinking put Shoppers’ needs out of focus in category management, retail, shopper insights, and shopper marketing.

CMKG’s Shopper Insights Training Program helps individuals and teams develop a strategic approach in their shopper insights work. Individuals and shopper insights teams are propelled to clearer business actions by identifying and solving the what and why behind Shopper action and inaction.

Shopper Training Solutions from CMKG.ORG

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Comprehensive, online assessment to identify team and individual knowledge gaps in Shopper competencies

  • Customize based on organization’s shopper competencies;
  • Custom reports available at additional cost;
  • Pre- and post-assessments are available to measure training ROI;
  • Average ROI is 30 knowledge points (from 55% in pre- to 85% in post assessment);
  • Individual feedback based on results
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A collection of online, self-paced courses covering 3 levels of shopper insights competencies (foundational, intermediate and advanced). 

  • Select custom courses based on your specific shopper-focused  competencies or focus areas;
  • Combine with Instructor-Led Virtual Training to improve engagement and enhance depth.
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Instructor-led, live training conducted through Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or other online meeting platform.

  • Use as standalone sessions or combine with on-demand, onsite, or in-house training;
  • Cost-effective learning with no travel required
  • Less disruptive to your work with 60- to 120-minute sessions;
  • Customize with your data and examples for a "roll-up-the-sleeves" working session;
  • Include contests, breakout groups, case studies, gamification and FUN!
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Instructor-led, onsite training at your office or other locations where "deep dives" into content need a live setting.

  • Use as standalone sessions or combine with on-demand, onsite, or in-house training;
  • Includes one or two CMKG facilitators;
  • Customize with your data and examples for a "roll-up-the-sleeves" working session;
  • Typically 1- to 2-day sessions that tie in with an On-Demand Learning Program (not required);
  • Include contests, breakout groups, case studies, gamification and FUN!
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On-Demand Program Overview

The on-demand program or individual courses are available to teams, organizations, and individuals. Teams may choose to customize any or all of the competency areas and assessment, including the ability to create custom reports at an additional cost.

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Shopper Assessment

Find out where your gaps are pre-training so you can focus efforts during training. Get started for free with the assessment below or email us if you need a Team Assessment.

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Level 1, Foundations

This set of courses builds important strategic foundations that help participants better understand the Shopper focus in category management, retail, shopper insights, and shopper marketing.   

This program sets out the foundations of Shopper Insights, including an overview of category management and how to effectively use various types of data.

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Level 2, Intermediate

This set of courses moves on from a foundational level into focusing more on the Shopper themselves, as well as identifying business opportunities and developing Shopper-focused stories and presentations.

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Level 3, Advanced

This program hones in on more advanced Shopper Insight, with a focus on data visualization and understanding trends.

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On-Demand Shopper Training Key Takeaways

  • Describe what’s most important from a Shopper perspective based on category management foundations
  • Explain how Shopper data and insights build better decisions and recommendations for categories and brands
  • List key Shopper data sources and describe the questions that they address
  • Identify the elements of a powerful Shopper-focused presentation – including the logic and flow, look and feel, and delivery
  • Explain ways to identify trends and business opportunities with a focus on Shopper.
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Understand Key Competencies. Identify Gaps. 

CMKG’s 3-Step Assessment Process

Individuals can understand where knowledge gaps exist in Category Management, Space Management, and Sales with a simple 3-step process — it’s designed to help you meet your goals with targeted training.

1. Complete the Assessment

Our assessments contain between 75–140 questions each and have time limits for completion. Individual results are not shared with anyone outside of CMKG.

2. Review Results

Get an automated email from CMKG with your % and point score. An 80% overall score is suggested and a 70%+ score for each of the sections.


3. Get Personalized Plan

Once our team reviews your results, you’ll get a second personalized email that details where you should start to address the gaps indicated on assessment results.

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