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Organization and team leaders direct how and where their limited resources should be spent in pursuit of their goals. Since there is no such thing as unlimited resources, it is critical that leaders use what they have to maximum effect. The first step is to evaluate your organization’s performance within each of 15 practices that fall within data, tools, strategy, processes, and people.

Welcome to your exclusive Reference Guide to Understanding Shoppers

The practice of category management requires data, tools, strategy, processes, and PEOPLE. We’ve put together this guide for you to help you get started.

Analytic Pathway • Shopper Insights • Data Integration

Data sources that are purchased, integrated, understood, and used within your organization

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Automated Tools • Error Reduction

Easy access to key data sources and common reports, plus automation of common tasks

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Corporate CatMan Strategy • Advanced CatMan 2.0 • Strategic Collaboration • Scorecards & Strategies • Category/Business Reviews • Assortment & Space

Clear purpose of category management defined through corporate strategies, guidelines, and processes for an aligned and common approach

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Internal Alignment • Presentation Skills • CatMan Training

Fact-based and strategic skills through category management team training

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