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Data is more complex and available than ever before and is a significant investment. It’s critical that your team is able to get the most clarity on your categories and Shopper from the data you purchase.

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Data source investments often include training but if organizations don't show how or where these data sources fit in work processes, regardless of the level of sophistication or tier of CatMan you are performing at, teams will be limited in their ability to turn data into relevant insights for their specific business issues and opportunities.

Data Components & Best Practices

Analytic Pathway.

Align and improve your analytic approach by creating a framework that connects your data, tools, and processes

We have more data and tools than ever before and require a bigger picture framework on how and where each of the pieces fit into your analytic approach.  An analytic pathway will help guide your organization through a common approach to analyzing data, including when and where different data sources and tools should be used in analysis for increased usage.  This approach  increases data usage and opens doors to new and broader perspectives and ways to find growth opportunities in their business.

analytic pathway

.ACTION:  Develop an analytic pathway that reflects your organization's data, tools and approach for completing analysis and share broadly.

RESOURCESCatMan Masters Course:  Category Assessment:  "The What"

Shopper Insights.

Improve understanding of, access to, and use of Shopper data and insights across your organization. 

The Shopper is missing from much of the work that we do in category management.  Here are some ways to integrate Shopper more consistently in your business:

  • Create and maintain an easy-to-access Shopper and Category Insights Library with data, trends, analysis, and insights.
  • Identify ways to inject Shopper into all relevant working through well-articulated and clear processes and best practices.
  • Share Shopper and Category insights broadly across your organization.


Data Integration.

Improve the way your organization looks at and identifies opportunities in your business by integrating key data sources. 

Data integration helps organizations advance to a new level of analytics and insights, resulting in:

  • Easy-to-access data,
  • Improved data collaboration,
  • Faster insights,
  • Smarter business decisions,
  • Data integrity, and
  • Competitive advantage.
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