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Attracting and retaining the best people creates the lifeblood of any organization, and especially when it comes to serving the needs of Shoppers.

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People develop and deploy category and Shopper solutions internally and externally to help achieve business goals. Through well-defined roles, effective multi-functional teams and centers of Excellence, and ongoing training and certification, they will be armed with the skills and knowledge to help achieve overall business objectives.

Opportunities & Best Practices for empowering PEOPLE to learn, grow, and succeed in your organization.

Internal Alignment.

Organization-wide, internal alignment and communication of the CatMan function including standards, best practices, and processes

Many organizations work in silos that result in rework, inconsistencies and sometimes even lack of strategy.

Identify opportunities to build upon CatMan foundations to create strategic alignment. Starting with corporate CatMan strategies, create defined processes, identify optimal external partnerships, and develop clear objectives behind category management for all business units so that organizations can develop consistent, Shopper-focused solutions to better meet Shopper needs.   


Presentation Skills.

Fact-based presentations and storytelling that address specific business issues, purposes, and opportunities

Presentation skills continue to be a weak area for many organizations, resulting in "decks" that lack focus or strategic direction.  This lack of skills can be remedied with specific presentation skills / sales training with objectives to include:

  • Creating less “decks” and more effective slides,
  • Developing presentation flow and logic,
  • Adding fact-based Category/Shopper insights, and
  • Telling a compelling story that is audience focused.


Skills Training.

Role-based category management training that supports the growth of strategic thinking, analytics, and insights

People, strategy, processes, and tools transform data into insight. Because the tools, data, Shopper and industry continue to evolve and change you need to stay a step ahead in training organization for competitive advantage.  Choose industry-accredited CatMan training that reflects your strategy through a blended learning approach (including assessments, online, live, webinar and case studies)  and addresses role-based skills (where different roles require different levels of training).


  • CatMan training is different than tools or data sources training.
  • CatMan training can include focus areas like data to insights, strategy, retail understanding, presentation skills, product supply, tactical analysis and Shopper understanding.
  • Training should not be a one-time fix, but an ongoing solution.
  • Allocate 5% of your data, tool, and people budgets toward training to increase the return on your investments and increase capability.


  • Team assessments are a great way for leaders to understand both knowledge of their team (and identify areas of opportunity). 
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