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Well articulated strategies and the processes set the foundations for internal alignment.

CatMan strategy and the actions needed to execute it form the connection between business functions and teams. Without this connection, each business team will function independently rather than aligned toward your organizational goals.

Strategy & Processes Best Practices

Corporate Strategy.

Clearly defined corporate CatMan strategies, best practices, collaborative partnerships, and objectives

Create and maintain strategic, internal documentation that assembles relevant topline facts and insights about your overall category and brand strategies for broad sharing across the organization.

TIP: Include retail strategies, target Shopper, data availability, goals and objectives, and tactical insights.


Advanced CatMan 2.0.

Update and refresh your CatMan approach to better reflect today’s world 

Organizations are struggling to meet Shopper needs and improve Shopper insights in the face of mounting data and technology, more sophisticated and diverse Shoppers, and new retail and online formats. Not sure what’s changed? Watch our introductory Master’s Training "CatMan 2.0 Introduction: What’s Changed?". For more tips, visit our CatMan Master’s YouTube Playlist.


Strategic Collaboration.

Define optimal partnerships (Retailer-Manufacturer) to collaboratively identify opportunities and build each other’s business 

First, target the level of collaboration you want to achieve before selecting partners with which you want a truly collaborative partnership. Then, clarify how collaboration will occur with your optimal partners.

TIP: Be both selective and strategic about who you partner with — not every organization is a good fit.


Scorecards and Strategies

Category scorecards that consider goals and corporate strategies using both volume and Shopper-focused metrics

Category scorecards and strategies are often skipped parts of the process, but they are two important steps that bridge the gap between opportunities and development of tactics. Without scorecards and strategies, the success of the category plan is limited. Do you have internal category scorecards that go beyond corporate reports? Have you developed and implemented effective, Shopper-focused Category Scorecards?



Category / Business Reviews

Corporate, standardized approach to reviews that increase efficiency and quality across the organization

Create best-in-class category reviews and business reviews with standard, automated templates that integrate data from multiple sources, and that:

  • Decrease gathering and creation time,
  • Increase analytics and insights time,
  • Create standards and best practices,
  • Improve outputs to reflect Shopper and trends, and
  • Increase automation.



Assortment & Space

Integrated Category Decision Trees, data, and Shopper insights into assortment and space planning

Assortment and space planning are two tactics where many CatMan teams spend much of their time and resources, yet lack strategic focus. By integrating CDTs, Shopper perspective, more data and strategic considerations you will yield better insights, decisions, and recommendations.


  • How often do your assortment recommendations include item rank reports that cut off the bottom sellers (with little or no consideration for Shopper, trends)?  Do your planograms include movement data and a Shopper perspective via CDTs?  
  • When did you last refresh your assortment and space planning processes to reflect the changes in data, technology, and Shopper insights?


Without a clear purpose for category management defined through corporate strategies, guidelines, and processes, you are limiting your approach.

If you find that your strategy and the processes used to execute are ineffective or non-existent, you are going to struggle to move forward with a  more complex approach in today's world - regardless of the data and tools that you purchase. Integrating organizational best practices on category management data, tools, strategy, and processes will help you move to a more strategic, Shopper-focused organization.

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