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Without focus on strategy, teams will fall into the trap of using tools tactically and ineffectively.

Tools are a means to an end. People are responsible for using the tools to extract insights and information that will support your overall strategy and goals. Without strategic thinking and focus, even proficient users of tools will not be able to use them to your advantage.

Purchasing every tool and technology is not an option, so how do you choose from the multitude of options out there?


Introduce automated tools and processes to increase efficiency and reduce errors for recurrent or resource-intensive tasks

If you don’t provide standard or automated tools to your organization, individuals and teams will create their own home-grown tools which lead to errors and lack of internal alignment.  Would you rather have your organization spending 80% of their time pulling and developing or analyzing and drawing insights?

ACTION: Conduct an internal audit to understand where individuals are spending most of their tactical work time and prioritize the biggest opportunities for data and/or process automation.

Although tools that you purchase often supply training to use them, the larger strategic perspective is often missing which means teams are too often using tools in tactical and non-productive ways. 

Don't think that the training you provide your team when you purchase a new data source or tool is teaching your organization how to strategically think about how and where the tool "fits" within your strategies and processes.  No matter how great the new tool, you need a team armed with strategic and critical thinking skills to manage it (vs having the tool manage your team).  


  • Team assessments are a great way for leaders to understand both strategic and tactical knowledge. 
  • Create an analytic pathway to reflect where and how your tools and data fit within your overall analytic approach.
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