Category Management Coaching for Teams and Individuals

Give your team or yourself the opportunity to explore issues and deepen category management strategy


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Does your team lack strategic depth? Category management can become very tactically focused over time. Understanding the bigger picture and your situational environment is key to accessing new opportunities. Coaching can be the first step.

In a world of increasingly complex and granular data, evolving tools and technology, and a constantly shifting Shopper, it can be easy to lose sight of what you and your team can accomplish — now and in the future.

Whether it's one or two individuals that require extra attention, or a project that you'd like to get an external perspective on, CMKG has the experience and perspective to help coach many different types of projects. 

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Get an outside perspective

We can work alongside your project team to provide a valuable outsider perspective
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Online or live

Sessions can be done through live interface, online meetings or a combination of both
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Quickly build skills or perspective

A great training option when you're "in a pinch" and need something done quickly
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Improve decision making

Get an unbiased, 3rd party perspective to help strategic decision making


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