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Since 2002, we have served hundreds of organizations of every size to do better by improving the effectiveness of the most important asset — People.

Deliver on your business goals by choosing industry-leading assessments, consultation, and training.

We help everyone from household name retailers and brands to individuals working in retail and CPG industries develop and maintain their best teams ever. Choose from Virtual Classroom Training or Online Training formats or browse training topics for Teams and Individuals.

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We are a passionate, motivated organization of category management experts and educators who share a single ideal: To educate, learn, and inspire excellence in category management practice that helps retailers, manufacturers, and solution providers meet their business goals through deep category management expertise.

CMKG is proud to be the exclusive provider of category management training to CMA+SIMA Members that brings together professional standards with best-in-class training for its membership.

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CatMan, first and foremost.

Creating the best category management training solutions is our primary focus. Part of that is helping executives, organizations, and teams evaluate their category management approach and effectiveness. Excellence in CatMan is at the center of our blended learning approach that includes lots of options to suit your short- or long-term business objectives.

Learn more about CMKG and our history has been shaped through the vision of Sue Nicholls, CPSA and our company leadership.


CatMan, for you and your goals.

The CatMan training, tools, webinars, news, and insights that we share are for Retailers, Manufacturers, Solution Providers, and Individuals who can benefit from excellence in their own category management practice. Your training will be focused on your goals and how they fit within the industry, your niche, and the specific competitive landscape.

Learn more about our CatMan Training Products, Services, Webinars, Tools, and more including how you can get started with a budget-friendly CatMan Learning Membership.


CatMan, forever and  for everyone.

We are lifelong learners and dedicated to helping you achieve your goals, now and in the future. That means you’ll benefit from shared industry news, events, and development while feeling confident that your category management training will always be focused on the now and what’s next.

Learn more about our new CatMan Master’s Training to prepare executives and their teams for CatMan 2.0™.

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Master’s Courses Series

The latest category management training that incorporates principles and concepts from the Category Management Association’s whitepaper on CatMan 2.0™ that includes Shopper throughout the process and a new tactic. Find out what you may be missing.

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ManufacturersExecutivesRetailersConvenienceIndividualsSolution ProvidersTeam Leaders