Online, Virtual and Classroom Blended Learning. TOPIC AREAS: Analytics, Presentation Skills, Storytelling, Category Management and Shopper. FOR: Retailers, Suppliers and Solution Providers.

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Welcome to Category Management Knowledge Group!

Welcome to a personalized learning journey! At CMKG, we're not just any training company; we're your partner in success.


We are a unique company. All we do is train. Over two decades, we've crafted 200+ hours of retail and CPG/FMCG training, equipping 1000's of learners with knowledge.

We offer online courses, and instructor-led virtual and classroom training solutions for individuals, teams and organizations in areas like category management, data and analytics an storytelling.



🚀Our tailored solutions embrace the uniqueness of your business, combining the best of online, virtual, and classroom learning. We get to know you, and we celebrate your distinctiveness by offering customized solutions that leverage your data and examples, ensuring relevance like never before.  


😕Our transformative blended learning solutions acknowledge and address the limitations of generic online training, catering specifically to discerning companies with diverse data, technology, and strategies through custom training that ensures depth and highly effective learning for your team or organization.


🛠️Our on-demand courses are your gateway to foundational to advanced knowledge in category management, data and analytics, shopper insights, presentation skills, storytelling, and more – conveniently available 24/7.



Assessment & Training Solutions

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Instructor-Led Virtual

Sessions in a virtual or online     classroom.
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Instructor-Led Classroom

Classroom training  for "in-person" sessions.
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Online Accredited Courses

Online programs and courses for individuals.

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Individual Assessments

Individual  knowledge gap identification online.

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Training Solutions for Retailers, Suppliers, Solution Providers

We empower individuals, teams, and organizations to reach their learning goals in category management, shopper understanding, data & analytics, presentation skills, and strategy through a variety of available training options.

For Teams / Organizations:

I'm looking for a tailored curriculum that aligns with my business's core competencies / data / strategies. Can you help?    
I want to elevate my team's expertise in ...  Can you help?
I have an immediate knowledge gap I need filled ... Can you help?

🎉We can help!  Whether for short-term or long-term training needs, or to enhance specific skills, we develop customized  instructor-led blended training options designed for retailers, suppliers, and solution providers that won't break the budget!

For Individuals:

Looking for a career move into category management? Want that next promotion? Need to build your skills to excel in your current role?  Looking for industry certification?  Our online training solutions will help you get there. 

Check out these popular online training training programs and courses for individuals:

R2-Category Management Level 1 Training Program - CMKG.ORG (002)

Category Management Level 1 (Basic) Training Program

R2-Category Management Level 2 Training Program - CMKG.ORG

Category Management Level 2 (Intermediate) Training Program

R2-Category Management Level 3 (Advanced) Training Program - CMKG.ORG

Category Management Level 3 (Advanced) Training Program

R2-Category Management Level 1+2 (Basic & Intermediate) Training Program - CMKG.ORG copy

Category Management Level 1+2 (Basic & Intermediate) Training Program

Space Management Training - CMKG.ORG-80

Space Management Training

C-Store Category Management Training Program

C-Store Category Management Training Program