Your leadership is the expressway and category management is the fuel for business results

Two, interrelated components drive results —

Leaders with Awareness and Insight

  • Clear and Shared CatMan Strategy, Both Internally and Externally
  • Short- and Long-Term Vision of the State of our Industry and Competitive Environment


People & Tools

  • Level Set CatMan Knowledge and Skills Across Multi-Functional Teams
  • Advanced Strategic Abilities to Understand and Execute on Complex Issues


Shopper Satisfaction

  • Business Wins
  • Talent Retention and Growth
  • Collaboration with Partners
  • Innovation

CatMan is the most effective strategy for winning with Shoppers. Period.

Category Management is the key.

At its essence, CatMan is about improving Shopper satisfaction but many organizations are not seeing ROI on CatMan work. Why?

Because creating and executing a winning category management strategy is more complex than ever before, and will only continue to rapidly evolve. Disruptive data, technology, and media forces are just some of what keep you up at night and your organization is counting on you.

Your leadership is critical.

Leadership requires both focus and foresight — carefully identifying your opportunities and creating a path for your organization to achieve them. Understanding and applying the interrelated components of category management to your business will leverage your ability to stake out and grow your piece of the pie by informing the path you take, rallying and supporting the team, and seizing opportunity at a faster pace than ever before. 

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Industry-leading CatMan learning and innovation is what we do best.

We are category management experts that can help you define, clarify, and enact your vision

Internal Collaboration & Strategy

CatMan 2.0™ Introduction: What’s Changed?
The “What” Assessment: Category Insights Using Advanced Data Sources
The “Why” Assessment: Shopper Insights IS The Missing Puzzle Piece
Developing Shopper-Focused Category Management Scorecards

Organizational Design & Talent

Assortment: New Shopper-Focused Metrics and Advanced Technologies
Space Management: Space Optimization and Advanced Technologies
Pricing: New Analytics, Issues, Challenges and Opportunities
Promotion: New Analytics and Implications for Retailers and Manufacturers

Industry Advancement

Shopper Marketing: Applying a New Tactic into Category Management
Building an Organizational CatMan Structure and Strategy from the Inside Out
Developing Shopper-Based CatMan Foundations: Category Definition, Roles, and Strategies
Deployment, Supply Chain, and ROI: Important Considerations for Long-Term Success
Have you learned about CatMan 2.0 (developed by the Category Management Association as a refreshed approach to category management)? Focus on everything means no focus at all, so how do you get started? We’ve got a few ideas that may help.

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