We’re here to help CMA+SIMA Members allocate Training Credits where they can benefit most.

Our team is excited to partner with CMA+SIMA to provide our best-in-class category management training to new and upgraded renewing Member Organizations. 

Once you join or upgrade your membership, you can choose to spend your Training Credits on certification prep, team level-setting, custom programs, and/or team assessments. We can provide details of how to get the most benefit from your allocated Training Credits based on your corporate priorities and training gaps.

As the creators of the training, we know exactly the competencies and skills that each course and program build and can walk you through which roles can benefit most. Plus, getting started is easy because we are here to answer questions every step of the way. Need to share this information with your team or organization? Download our printable brochure.

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Using Training Credits is IN • CRED • ‘ABLY’ simple

And best of all, we’ll help you through these four steps


Purchase or Renew CMA+SIMA Membership.

Gold, Platinum, and Diamond levels receive Training Credits each year as part of upgraded or new membership. Members, early upgraded renewal will prorate your annual membership fee.


Identify Needs & Outcomes.

Each year you can target areas of opportunity for creating and building your team with best-in-class training content. Consider both your short- and long-term goals.


Select Training Content to Match.

Consult with CMKG on how to meet your goals through your selected training path:

Identical training for teams/individuals


Different training for teams/individuals



Create Account & Add Users.

Set up Member Account in the CMA Learning Portal:

Organization pays $25 admin fee, per user per year, via invoice


User pays $25 admin fee per year via online transaction


— How can you use your credits? —

Industry Certification Training, Prep & Practice Exams

Discovery Exams. Identify what level of certification individuals should be striving for through this online test.

Accredited Training Programs & Courses. Provide the right level of training to individuals at each level of certification through an expansive collection of comprehensive courses and programs. Build skills, knowledge, and expertise.

Certification Prep & Practice. Start with the right materials to prepare and study for CMA certification exams. Comprehensive certification prep materials include a timed practice exam, mini exams, and flash cards. Feedback on missed questions allows for further study prior to the paid* certification exam with the CMA.

 *Certification exam costs are not included and cannot be purchased with training credits.

Industry-Leading Online Category Management Training

Best Practices Online Training Courses. Choose from online training courses and refreshed content for every experience level across your organization to bring alignment, effectiveness, and capacity to reach business goals.

Topics covered include everything CatMan, from strategies & data to analytics & the Shopper. Online training across 60+ topics and counting are available, or you can purchase additional topic- and team-specific training (a la carte live webinar or in-person).

CatMan Master’s Training

The most advanced online CatMan Training available only from CMKG & based on CatMan 2.0 foundations. There are twelve, 60- to 90-minute training courses with reference materials and hands-on work.

Certified advisors from CMKG help guide credit spending based on your specific circumstances so you can maximize your Training Credits each year.

Discuss Your Training Needs