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Two, interrelated components drive results —

Aligned, strategic organizational leadership and execution

Best Practices

Clear and Shared Business Planning

Internal Alignment


Knowledgeable use of Data, Tools, and Technology by Capable People

Shopper Insights
Critical Thinking


Improved Business Results

Shopper Satisfaction

Talent Retention

Internal and External Collaboration

Data, technology and tools are only half of the equation

At every level, people are the key to your success.

While our educational system may not have caught up with demand for our industry, you still need well-prepared, strategic thinkers that can collaborate, create insights, and develop best practices for your organization at every level. 

Currently, the only way to meet your needs and to compete is to develop, attract and retain talent. The surprising fact is that highly-skilled individuals seek growth and development challenges, which means if people don’t see opportunity for their future, they will seek out new and better opportunities. 

We are committed to helping you develop yourself or your team. That’s why all corporate students can access bi-monthly webinars, with topics that are suggested by students. Learn more about our Category Management Online Training & Resource Center and its many benefits.

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Developing highly-skilled, capable PEOPLE is what we do best.

We are category management experts, focused on you and your needs
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Organizational, Team, Situational Consultation and Assessments

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Highly customizable, blended learning approach based on short- and long-term goals

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Detailed training and deployment plan, student engagement, and progress reporting

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Unrivaled student support, increased performance, and measurable ROI

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